Painter Of The Night
Chapter 131
Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser notorious for his insatiable lust, Seungho forces Na...
Manhwa Smut Yaoi Historical
Hold Me Tight
Chapter 192
Every day of Giovanni’s life has been cold. Despite scorching summers, sunny springs, despite being the president of an uber rich company, he is incapable of feeling warmth, numb to it all. Then, he met Felix. Shy and seemingly innocent, Felix’s touch is the first heat Giovanni’s felt in a lif...
Romance Webtoon Yaoi
Chapter 54.4
Mixed martial arts light heavyweight champion, ‘Joo Jae-kyung’. He writes the myth of being undefeated, but in fact he also has a secret jinx. That is, having satisfying sex the day before a match is key to winning! Jaekyung tries to solve the jinx through physical therapist ‘Dan Kim’…
Drama Full color Manhwa Mature Romance Slice of Life Smut Webtoon Yaoi(BL) Sports Medical
I Can Hear It Without A Microphone
Chapter 128.5
The man next door has innocent sexy potato bagel body.It’s the perfect ideal type, but the first button was put in the wrong place due to the wrong delivery. One day, Apostle Won learned that Seolbeom was a sexy BJ! Can the passionate fan Sado-won and Sekbang BJ Seol-beom become an exhilarating re...
Mature Smut Webtoon Yaoi
Seashell Boy
Chapter 99
Dooshik is in a bind. After making off with the takings from the gay bar where he worked, he seeks refuge in a small, coastal town. As his funds dwindle, he desperately needs a way to make ends meet. Still, a boy’s gotta eat! So he dives into a clam house to satisfy his cravings. But with no money...
Drama Full color Smut Yaoi Supernatural Official colored Mafia
Whose Baby Is It?
Chapter 283
A fortune teller says that I was born with bad luck… Who is she trying to fool? My son is a biracial baby with super powers, who can use dreams to predict the future! But then a tyrannical CEO comes out from god-knows-where and says he’s my little treasure’s dad?! What is this, a TV drama?
Drama Slice of Life Comedy Fantasy Shounen
It’s My Baby!
Chapter 55
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Mature Webtoon Yaoi Adult
Dear Door
Chapter 163.5
Dear Door manga summary: While in hot pursuit of wanted criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the accident, Do Gyeong Joon is left baffled, staring at the sky at the retreating form of the mysterious man he had just met. However, not lo...
Drama Webtoon Yaoi Fantasy Action Supernatural Mystery
When The Yakuza Falls In Love
Chapter 65
Min-jun came to Japan to study and also dreaming of a wonderful gay life. A group of black cars surrounds Min-jun as he is about to die after being scammed by his ex-lover. Min-jun’s impressive love contract hired as a ‘mama’ by the Chief Yakuza Daiki and his son Thomas.
Smut Webtoon Yaoi Action

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